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Inositol for Cognition

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If you have struggled with your mental and cognitive health, then you have likely searched for natural remedies, like inositol for cognition, to keep things balanced and regulated. Having poor cognitive health might affect your ability to remember daily tasks, conversations, and to think through complex thought processes. It might also affect your mood, potentially causing anxiety and depression because of memory problems. 

Inositol, a vitamin-like supplement, can be taken to support cognitive function and mental health. Read on to learn how Inositol for cognition can support brain health, improve memory, and improve mental health. 

Managing Cognitive Health

Cognitive health can affect an individual in a variety of ways. From memory lapses to poor decisions, sometimes cognitive health is out of our hands. Either because of this or related to it, cognitive health can affect our mental health and mood, therefore, impacting so much of our daily lives. If you are regularly having memory lapses, then you might become depressed or anxious in social settings. 

It can be difficult to express these issues to a doctor, especially since you are not sure that your doctor will believe you. It might also be hard to prove that you have any of these things going on. 

Natural supplements, lifestyle and behavioural changes, and medication can support cognitive health management. If you are currently working with your physician to manage health, speak to them about the effects and benefits of Inositol. 

Inositol Effects on Cognitive Health

Also referred to as vitamin B8 and Myo-Inositol (which is technically one branch of Inositol), Inositol is a vitamin-like substance that is naturally produced in the body and has been shown to improve cognitive and mental health. 

Inositol is a phospholipid and naturally-occurring glucose isomer, which has shown improvements to cognitive function. Inositol is used broadly for cognitive improvement in the mental health field, and studies show that it is also effective for controlling mood in individuals with Down syndrome and in managing depressive episodes.

Phospholipids like Inositol are the second most frequently recommended supplement for older adults with memory complaints. Researchers believe that this is because of phospholipids’ role in cell growth regulation and the regulation of the cell membrane. 

Some studies have found significant relationships between phospholipids and cognitive performance, including positive effects on memory and behaviour and improved cognitive performance. Findings for Inositol as a mediator for cognitive health are positive, and they suggest that it is effective as one of the only therapeutic supplements useful for depression and panic disorder.  

Things to Consider When Using Inositol For Cognition

One of the best reasons for taking Inositol for cognitive health and mental health is that Inositol has very few side effects. Note that because of the high dose that is required when taking Inositol for cognitive health, then it is more likely that some of these side effects might occur. 

Side effects include gas, nausea, trouble sleeping, headache, tiredness, and dizziness.

When taking Inositol for mental or cognitive health, be sure to discuss with your doctor how other medications should be taken and if they might interact with Inositol. The dose should also be reassessed after 4-6 weeks so that you know the supplement is effective. 

When using Inositol to treat a specific condition, it is unlikely that the amount of Inositol that you are getting naturally in your diet will be sufficient. You can try adding some foods to your diet as well as supplementing. In addressing any type of behavioural changes, doctors will most often recommend other wellness and lifestyle changes. If you can, consider meditation, a diet for improved memory, other natural supplements, and physical activity. 

Supplementing Inositol for Cognitive Health

The most common foods Inositol is found in include nuts, whole grains, and legumes, but hundreds of foods contain a large amount of Inositol. While Inositol is not considered a necessary nutrient, it is a vital part of our cellular structure and cell proliferation. Largely, Inositol affects insulin resistance, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), metabolic parameters, endocrine parameters, and metabolism. 

In addition to these conditions, Inositol has been shown to positively affect cognitive health parameters. Used to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder, the effects of Inositol on these psychological, neurological, or mood-related disorders are unknown. 

Normal doses of Inositol for PCOS range around four grams per day. When it comes to mental health, patients should be in the range of 12 grams per day. For this reason, patients are encouraged to purchase Inositol powder so that the dosages can be better monitored.

Dealing with poor mental or cognitive health can be difficult, and here at Inositol Australia, we understand that. Consider a trialling powder-based Inositol supplement. With a natural, powder Inositol supplement, you can see if this product is right for you and your loved ones needs. 


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