About Inositol Australia 1

Sometimes things are not as easy as we are lead to believe. There are things you hear others go through and don't believe it can happen to you.

Jodie & I have experienced that. 

We don't want to go into the challenges we have faced, things we had to deal with or what we have overcome, but we do want you to know we do have relevant first hand experiences that make us well equipped to help you on your journey.

We want to let you know

  • We are truely grateful for our 2 kids.
  • We are not doctors & can't give you medical advice.
  • We do research using our Masters level degree & teaching qualifications.
  • We are not pretending to be a big business at all & think you should know personally who you are buying supplements from.
  • Jodie has lived with PCOS for many years and 
  • I myself have suffered cognitive health issues.

We welcome any feedback anytime, and when you do call or message us, you are talking to the owners who genuinely care about doing what is right for you.

Thanks for considering us.

Jodie & Anthony

About Inositol Australia 2

Our ABN is 71 328 529 269 and the registered business entity is "Trustee For Idle Family Trust". ACN 146 424 857