Natural Myo Inositol Powder


Who Is This For?
Inositol for fertility and reproductive health

People seeking healthier

  1. Hormonal balance
  2. Blood sugar / glucose
  3. Reproductive systems

There are other applications but these are not covered by our TGA listing meaning they have not been proven effective by science.

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  • Helps maintain/support healthy blood sugar/glucose.
  • Maintain/support female healthy hormonal balance.
  • Maintain/support female healthy hormonal balance during the reproductive cycle.
  • Maintain/support female reproductive system health.
  • Maintain/support reproductive system health in males.
  • Maintain/support reproductive system health in females.
  • Maintain/support healthy reproductive hormones in females.
  • Maintain/support sperm health.
  • Maintain/support sperm motility.
TGA Approved Natural Myo Inositol Powder
  • TGA Listed on AUSTL# 421723
  • Made in a TGA licenced medicinal grade packaging plant for highest safety & quality consistency standards.
  • Tested & certified to international pharmaceutical standards NF38-USP43
  • Derived from corn production.
  • GMO, Gluten and Nut free.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Sweet to taste makes it great to add to food or drinks such water, cereal, juices
  • In powder form so don’t need to take 20 tablets a day to get 4 grams
  • Is NOT a 40:1 blend containing D Chiro Inositol which has risks in reproductive applications.


how to take inositol powder
Take 4 grams per day.
  • 2g (1 scoop) with breakfast.
  • 2g (1 scoop) with dinner.
Mix 2g in a glass of water or any hot or cold beverage of your choice.
Twice a day is proven more effective than 4g once a day.
Natural Myo Inositol Rampling Protocol
Side effects are not common, but they are possible.
These could include headaches, dizziness, bloating, diarrhoea or even nausea.
If you experience these mildly we recommend you follow this ramping protocol.
  • 1 gram per day in week 1.
  • 2 grams per day in week 2
  • 3 grams per day in week 3
  • 4 grams per day in week 4.
If side effects are more than mild or persist stop taking inositol immediately and consult your doctor.
If you experience any other side effects stop taking inositol immediately and consult your doctor.
Apart from the powder itself, the largest costs are packing & shipping costs.
To reduce both your carbon footprint and save money please consider buying in larger size lots.
It costs the same money to send 250g or 500g but the frequency per annum is much more when you buy 250g at a time.
Think 1 truck delivery not fuel for 6 trucks or 1 delivery fee not 6 charges.
We have also given discounts for purchasing larger amounts as this reduces packaging and packing time.
Our shipping satchels are actually made from recycled sea plastic waste & we also recycle all our cardboard and paper waste.
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