The Forgotten B Vitamin
- Myo Inositol

Many Australians are returning to Inositol Powder as a plant based natural way to help with: 

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Inositol Australia | PCOS Symptoms & Treatment Guidelines

Know All Your PCOS Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Evidence Based Latest Research on:

What Are The Symptoms of PCOS?

If you are suffering from PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome you may be experiencing two or more of these reported symptoms.

Fertility & Reproductive Health

If you are trying to conceive a happy, healthy baby, then it starts with a happy, healthy body. Inositol may help you to:

Peak Cognitive Health

If you consistency work too hard for too long you can suffer. When we are stressed and anxious life can feel like it is closing in on us. You may:

Metabolic Syndrome &
Insulin Resistance

Metabolic syndrome is a complex set of conditions that can lead to serious health issues like stroke, heart attack and type II diabetes. Ask your doctor for testing if you suffer from some of these symptoms:

Here's What Other Australians Like You Are Saying About Inositol

We have been selling Inositol in Australia since 2006. We are really grateful for being able to help thousands of people improve their health and be the best version of themselves. The kindest thing our customers can do is share a review or tell someone about us. Here's is what a couple few have to say about us and Inositol.

Aleesha H.

Parmelia, Western Australia.


"I suffer from PCOS. I came across this product so I thought I would give it ago. I had not had a regular cycle in 6 months because of the PCOS. I started taking it on Monday and by Saturday I got my cycle. This stuff works. Also lost 1kg in 2 days."

Nefeli D.

Wellington Point Queensland.


" I have been buying inositol for the last 6 months and the product is just really good. It has been subscribed to me from my doctor as the best product for PCOS."

Audrey B.

Mount Cotton, Queensland.


"The best price for Inositol that I have found in Australia. I love that I can buy bulk as this supp is so important for lessening my PCOS symptoms and it definitely does the job!!"