Inositol Powder for Fertility

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If you’ve ever experienced trouble with fertility, then you know that it can be the worst feeling in the world. Not only are you eager to start a family, but the physical and emotional process can be painful, exhausting, and emotionally draining. 

Understandably, you’ll do whatever you can to get pregnant. One treatment you may have wondered about is Inositol Powder for fertility. Known for its regenerative qualities, Inositol powder is a simple yet powerful treatment for fertility. 

What is Inositol Powder?

Inositol powder goes by many names – Myo-Inositol and vitamin B8 are just a few. And while there seems to be a lot of confusion out there about Inositol powder, the science behind this vitamin-like substance is strong. 

Inositol powder is the powder form of sugar, or a vitamin-like substance, which can be found in our body and in the foods we eat. Our body produces Inositol after consuming most carbohydrates, and it can also be found in nuts, milk, yogurt, beans, vegetables, and fresh fruit!

Notably, Inositol powder is taken by individuals who have PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS might affect fertility as well; if you’re unsure about this, then speak with your doctor. 

However, in general, Inositol is produced for supplemental consumption in two forms: Myo-Inositol and D-chiro-inositol. These two Inositols can be taken together, but the addition of D-chiro-inositol will more likely target androgenizing effects related to PCOS. 

Effects of Inositol Powder for Fertility

One of the biggest factors of Inositol powder is in regulating the ovarian cycle. When experiencing issues related to fertility, there could be a number of factors involved. One of these might include an irregular menstrual and/or ovarian cycle. 

The menstrual and ovarian cycles play a key role in fertility. Every 21 to 35 days (depending on the individual) the body cycles out eggs that weren’t fertilized. If you notice that your periods are dramatically irregular, then this means that your body is not releasing eggs from the ovaries regularly. While this does not necessarily indicate that you are incapable of getting pregnant, it makes it much harder to do so. 

When taking Myo-Inositol, the body is able to regulate the acceptability of androgens. If the body is producing more androgens than normal, or the body is unable to regulate androgens properly, then they might disrupt the ovarian cycles. 

With an Inositol supplement, androgens are regulated properly so that there are fewer androgens circulating and menstrual and ovarian cycles are able to continue in a cyclical fashion. This will allow you to track and better plan pregnancy, increasing the chance of getting pregnant naturally. 

Myo-Inositol can also encourage insulin-resistant properties, which for some might affect the body’s ability to take up insulin and therefore increasing risks associated with diabetes. With metabolic syndrome or poor insulin-resistant qualities, an individual might have a harder time getting pregnant and due to poor metabolic function and weight gain. Myo-Inositol is able to target these cells so that the body is functioning optimally. 

Things to Consider When Taking Inositol Powder for Fertility

Inositol can be modified depending on its purposes. If you need to take Inositol for any other reasons such as metabolic health, cognitive health, or PCOS, then speak with your doctor about adjusting the dosage and or any conflicting medication. 

On top of that, if you have other conditions like heart issues or kidney problems, speak with your doctor about Inositol powder supplementation. 

If you have ovarian hyperstimulation, then a dose of 2,000 mg (2 grams) is ideal. Inositol should always be taken in conjunction with healthy lifestyle improvements such as a healthy diet. 

While fertility issues can be frustrating, remain patient. Not all fertility issues are resolved by INositol alone, and you may have to also do in vitro fertilization (IVF) in conjunction with the INositol supplements. 

For the most part, Inositol supplements come with minimal or no side effects. If any, side effects might include nausea, stomach pain, tiredness, headache, and dizziness for some people. Inositol is safe to be taken for the majority of adults without underlying medical conditions and is possibly safe for children ages 5-12 years. Inositol can potentially be taken when breastfeeding but speak with your doctor before ingesting it as it could have affect son your child. 

How To Take Inositol Powder for Fertility

It doesn’t matter how you ingest Inositol. The most important part is that you do ingest it, as it is almost impossible to function without. If taking Myo-Inositol for fertility, try taking it alone first and in conjunction with folic acid.

Inositol can be ingested in powder form, pill form, vaginal suppositories, or through the foods we eat. If you are seeking to take Inositol powder for fertility, then you’ll want to purchase an organic powder form so that you can get the ideal dosage. The dosage for Inositol for fertility is generally fairly high. Doctors and studies typically recommend somewhere between 4 grams and 12 grams of Inositol. 

Since Inositol taken in the pill form will contain only smaller dosages (around 500 mg per pill) then you will end up taking a large number of pills daily and spending much more on this product. Instead, shop for a powder that comes in larger quantities and at bulk pricing. 

While folic acid is also recommended as a supplement for fertility, do not purchase a supplement that combines Inositol and folic acid as these supplements have been found to be mislabelled

If you’ve tried a lot of options for infertility, or you are just starting out and want to try something before doing something drastic, then consider the holistic fertility treatment of Inositol. 


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