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What Foods Are High In Inositol?

what foods are high in inositol

The table below is from one of the most commonly cited research studies on the inositol content in food. It was published a by Clements & Darnell in 1980 after testing 487 foods using Gas-liquid chromatography.

This is the most definitive source of inositol content in foods and you can clearly see,

what foods are high in Inositol:

  • fresh fruits, eg citrus and rock melon/ cantaloupe
  • beans, eg pinto beans, kidney beans and peas.
  • grains, eg bran
  • nuts eg almonds (or peanut butter).

What was really interesting was designing a high myo-inositol rich diet to around 1800 calories per day yielded only 1.2 grams of inositol. Way less than the 4g per day recommended for women with PCOS.

Here is the detail.

FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Milk exchange
Chocolate milk, low fat1 C2400.1945.6
Yogurt, strawberry1 C2400.1638.4
Yogurt, red raspberry1 C2400.1638.4
Yogurt, coffee1 C2400.0921.6
Yogurt, vanilla1 C2400.0921.6
Yogurt, boysenberry1 C2400.0716.8
Yogurt, plain1 C2400.0614.4
Skim milk1 C2400.049.6
Whole milk, 4% butterfat1 C2400.049.6
Sweetened condensed milk1 T200.265.2
Buttermilk, cultured1 C2400.012.4
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Beans, green shelled, fresh1/2 Cup1001.93193
Beans, pole, frozen1/2 Cup1001.75175
Beans, wax, canned1/2 Cup1001.44144
Artichoke, fresh1 Bud2000.6120
Okra, canned1/2 Cup1001.17117
Artichoke heart, canned, SFa1/2 Cup1001.16116
Beans, green, fresh1/2 Cup1001.05105
Beans, green French style, canned1/2 Cup1000.8787
Eggplant, fresh1/2 Cup1000.8484
Eggplant, canned1/2 Cup1000.8484
Brussel sprouts, frozen1/2 Cup1000.8181
Artichoke, frozen1 Bud1000.880
Cabbage, savory, fresh1/2 Cup1000.770
Asparagus spears, SF, canned1/2 Cup1000.6868
Pepper, banana, fresh2 Pods501.3567.5
Squash, hubbard, fresh1/2 Cup1000.6666
Greens, collard, fresh1/2 Cup1000.6464
Tomato, juice, canned1/2 Cup1200.4857.6
Pepper, green bell, fresh1/2 Cup1000.5757
Beans, green French style, frozen1/2 Cup1000.5555
Beans, green, frozen1/2 Cup1000.5555
Tomato, fresh1/2 Cup1000.5454
Squash, zucchini, fresh1/2 Cup1000.5353
Beans, green, canned1/2 Cup1000.5151
Beans, snap, frozen1/2 Cup1000.4949
Tomato sauce1/4 Cup600.8148.6
Tomato puree1/4 Cup600.7746.2
Eggplant, frozen1/2 Cup1000.4444
Poke salad, fresh1/2 Cup1000.4343
Beans, with pork, canned1/4 Cup500.8643
Greens, turnip, fresh1/2 Cup1000.4343
Tomato, cherry, fresh1/2 Cup1000.4141
Tomato, California, canned1/2 Cup1000.440
Tomato, whole, canned1/2 Cup1000.3838
Asparagus, white, canned1/2 Cup1000.3838
Okra, fried. SF1/2 Cup1000.3737
Beans. Italian, canned1/2 Cup1000.3535
V8 juice1/2 Cup1200.2934.8
Tomatoes, chopped, canned1/2 Cup1000.3434
Okra, fresh1/2 Cup1000.3333
Squash, yellow, fresh1/2 Cup1000.3232
Broccoli, fresh1/2 Cup1000.330
Peppers, Jalapeno. canned1/2 Cup1000.330
Greens, collard, canned1/2 Cup1000.330
Mushrooms, sliced, canned1/2 Cup1000.2929
Asparagus, green, fresh1/2 Cup1000.2929
Pepper, green bell, frozen1/2 Cup1000.2929
Asparagus, green spears, canned1/2 Cup1000.2828
Okra, whole, frozen1/2 Cup1000.2828
Cabbage. Chinese, fresh1/2 Cup1000.2727
Tomato juice, canned. SF1/2 Cup1200.2226.4
Okra, cut, frozen1/2 Cup1000.2626
Spinach, canned1/2 Cup1000.2525
Squash, yellow, frozen1/2 Cup1000.2525
Mushrooms, stems and pieces, canned1/2 Cup1000.2424
Greens, mustard, fresh1/2 Cup1000.2323
Lettuce, red leaf1/2 Cup1000.2222
Cabbage, white, fresh1/2 Cup1000.2121
Lettuce salad, tossed1 C1000.1818
Cauliflower, fresh1/2 Cup1000.1818
Greens, mustard, frozen1/2 Cup1000.1717
Squash, green, fresh1/2 Cup1000.1717
Lettuce. Romaine1/2 Cup1000.1717
Greens, collard. frozen1/2 Cup1000.1616
Tomato paste2 T300.5115.3
Cauliflower, frozen1/2 Cup1000.1515
Cucumber, fresh1/2 Cup1000.1515
Asparagus, green, frozen1/2 Cup1000.1515
Greens, turnip, canned1/2 Cup1000.1212
Broccoli. SF1/2 Cup1000.1212
Greens, collard, SF1/2 Cup1000.1212
Lettuce, Endive1/8 Head1000.1111
Sauerkraut, canned1/2 Cup1000.1111
Broccoli, frozen1/2 Cup1000.1111
Tomato aspic, SF1/2 Cup1000.110
Radish, red, fresh1/2 Cup1000.110
Greens, mustard, canned1/2 Cup1000.099
Cabbage, purple, fresh1/2 Cup1000.099
Mushrooms, fresh1/2 Cup1000.099
Spinach, fresh1/2 Cup1000.088
Greens, turnip, with turnips, canned1/2 Cup1000.088
Greens, turnip, chopped, frozen1/2 Cup1000.088
Squash, yellow, SF1/2 Cup1000.077
Squash, yellow, canned1/2 Cup1000.066
Spinach, frozen1/2 Cup1000.066
Pepper, hot. fresh4 Pods100.595.9
Celery, fresh1/2 Cup100D.055
Greens, turnip, frozen. SF1/2 Cup1000.044
Parsley1 T100.222.2
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Fruit exchange
Cantaloupe, fresh1/41003.55355
Orange, fresh11003.07307
Grapefruit, fresh1/21001.99199
Lime, fresh11001.94194
Blackberry, canned. WP1/21001.73173
Mandarin orange, canned1/2 Cup1001.49149
Kiwi fruit, fresh1/2 Cup1001.36136
Nectarine, fresh11001.18118
Grapefruit sections, canned1/2 Cup1001.17117
Mango, fresh1/21000.9999
Prune, dried2 Medium204.794
Cherries, dark, canned, WP10651.2782.6
Peach, dried2 Medium501.6482
Pear, fresh11000.7373
Watermelon, fresh1 Cup2000.3162
Cherries, black bing, canned. WP101000.5959
Peach, freestone, fresh11000.5858
Mixed fruit, canned1/2 Cup1000.5858
Apricot, canned, WP4 Halves1000.5252
Mixed fruits, canned. WP1/2 Cup1000.4949
Watermelon, midget, fresh1/2 Cup1000.4848
Melon, honeydew. fresh1/81000.4646
Pear, bartlett. canned. WP1/2 Cup1000.4646
Fruit cocktail, canned, WP1/2 Cup1000.4343
Peach, cling, canned, WP1/2 Cup1000.3434
Pineapple, fresh1/2 Cup1000.3333
Figs, calmyina, dried1 Small350.9131.9
Dates, dried2201.5230.4
Plum, large red2 Medium1000.330
Strawberries, fresh3/4 Cup1500.1319.5
Apple, yellow delicious, fresh1800.2419.2
Peach, cling, fresh11000.1919
Fruit cocktail, canned1/2 Cup1000.1919
Applesauce, canned1/2 Cup1000.1818
Pineapple, canned. WP1/2 Cup1000.1616
Grapes, green, fresh201000.1616
Cranberries fresh1 Cup1000.1515
Applesauce, canned. WP1/2 Cup1000.1515
Apple. Rome, fresh1 Medium800.1512
Plum, purple, fresh2 Medium1000.1111
Cherries, red. fresh5 Medium750.1410.5
Apples, dried, cooked1/2 Cup1000.098.6
Papaya, fresh1/31000.088.1
Apple, red delicious, fresh1800.17.7
Grapes, purple, fresh12500.157.6
Grapes, green, canned201000.077
Cherries, red, canned. WP10650.056.1
Lemon peel, fresh1 T140.334.6
Raisins, dried2 T200.24
Plum. red. fresh8 Small1000.033
Cranberry sauce, SS1 T200.112.2
Cherries, Royal Ann10500.042
Cranberry sauce, regular1 T200.020.4
Plum, yellow, fresh2 Medium100<0.010.3
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Fruit juice
Grapefruit, frozen, concentrate1/2 Cup1203.8456
Orange, frozen, concentrate1/2 Cup1202.04244.8
Orange, canned1/2 Cup1202240
Grapefruit, canned1/2 Cup1200.4149.2
Orange, freshly squeezed1/2 Cup1200.3542
Apple, frozen, concentrate1/3 Cup900.3329.7
Grape, frozen, concentrate1/4 Cup600.3621.6
Apple, canned1/3 Cup900.2118.9
Prune, canned1/4 Cup600.2615.6
Apricot nectar, canned1/4 Cup600.2615.6
Pineapple, canned1/3 Cup900.1513.5
Prune, unsweetened, canned1/4 Cup600.2213.2
Lemon, canned1 T140.7310.2
Cranberry cocktail, canned1/4 Cup600.074.2
Lemon, fresh1 T140.34.2
Cranberry, canned1/2 Cup1200.033.6
Peach nectar, canned1/4 Cup600.010.6
Cranapple, canned1/4 Cup600.010.6
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Bread exchange
Wheat, stone ground1 Slice2511.5287.5
Bun. hamburger1/2 Bun204.7895.6
Pumpernickel1 Slice251.640
Wheat, whole1 Slice251.4235.5
Pancake, low sodium1400.6726.8
Bun. hot dog1/2 Bun201.1523
Bran, orowheat1 Slice250.8120.3
Grain, mixed whole1 Slice250.4711.8
Rye1 Slice250.4711.8
Rye. cocktail2 Slice300.3911.7
Wheat, Roman meal1 Slice250.389.5
Cornbread. dressing, SF1/2 Cup1000.088
French1 Slice200.346.8
Wheat, milled white1 Slice250.266.5
Wheat, milled white. SF1 Slice250.256.3
Biscuit, SF1350.176
Cornbread1 Slice350.144.9
Roll, dinner, SF1200.234.6
French toast (with whole egg)1 Slice300.082.4
Cornbread, SF1 Slice350.062.1
Wheat starch1 Slice200.010.2
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Bran, 40% flakes, dry1/2 Cup202.7454.8
Oatmeal, long cooking, cooked1/2 Cup1000.4242
Oatmeal, quick cooking, cooked1/2 Cup1000.3434
Bran, raisin1/2 Cup201.0721.4
Flakes. -Team-1/2 Cup200.9318.6
Bran. “Cracklin”1/2 Cup200.6713.4
Grits, com, cooked1/2 Cup1000.110
Wheat, shredded1 Biscuit220.357.7
Wheat, cream, cooked1/2 Cup1000.077
Wheat, shredded, SF1 Biscuit220.235.1
Com, flakes3/4 Cup200.061.2
Com. flakes. SF3/4 Cup200.061.2
Wheat, puffed. SF3/4 Cup100.080.8
Rice, puffed, SF3/4 Cup100.050.5
Barley, cooked1/2 Cup160.030.5
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Potato chips10300.7321.9
Potato chips. SF10201.0521
Wheat thins7200.8917.8
Potato chips, canned15300.5817.4
Cheese nibs2072.4617.2
Pop com. popped1 Cup141.0715
Crackers, saltine5200.479.4
Wafers, vanilla6200.234.6
Crackers, soda, SF5200.132.6
Melba toast140.592.4
Crackers, graham2150.11.5
Crackers. “Escort” snack6200.051
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Pasta products
Spaghetti, cooked1/2 Cup1000.3131
Rice, brown, cooked1/2 Cup750.322.5
Rice. wild, cooked1/2 Cup750.2720.3
Noodles, egg. cooked1/2 Cup1000.1818
Rice, white. SF, cooked1/2 Cup800.1713.6
Rice, white, cooked1/2 Cup800.1512
Macaroni, cooked1/2 Cup1000.055
Rice, instant, cooked1/2 Cup750.021.5
Green pea. split, SF5 oz1500.1725.5
Tomato, SF7 oz2000.0714
Vegetable, SF7 oz2000.0612
Vegetable, homemade, SF7 oz2000.0612
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Starchy vegetables
Beans, Great Northern, canned1/2 Cup1004.4440
Beans, Great Northern, dried1/2 Cup1003.27327
Beans, pea navy, dried1/2 Cup1002.83283
Rutabaga, canned1/2 Cup1002.52252
Beans, dark red kidney, canned1/2 Cup1002.49249
Peas, large English, canned1/2 Cup1002.35235
Peas, small English, canned1/2 Cup1001.7170
Beans, green lima, canned. SF1/2 Cup1001.46146
Peas, split green, dried1/2 Cup1001.28128
Beans. Great Northern, fresh1/2 Cup1001.24124
Peas, blackeyed, canned1/2 Cup1001.17117
Peas, blackeyed, fresh1/2 Cup1001.16116
Beans, small lima, canned1/2 Cup1001.1110
Peas and carrots, frozen1/2 Cup1000.9999
Peas, purple hull, canned1/2 Cup1000.9898
Potato, white, baked, fresh11000.9797
Peas, large English, frozen1/2 Cup1000.9595
Pumpkin, canned3/4 Cup1500.6293
Soybeans, dried1/2 Cup1000.8888
Peas, small green, frozen1/2 Cup1000.8585
Carrots, canned1 Cup1500.5278
Peas, small green, canned1/2 Cup1000.7676
Peas, crowder, frozen1/2 Cup1000.770
Beans, speckled lima, dried1/2 Cup1000.770
Beans, light kidney, canned1/2 Cup1000.6969
Peas, field, frozen1/2 Cup1000.6868
Squash, acorn, frozen1/2 Cup1000.6666
Beans, navy, canned1/2 Cup1000.6565
Beans, pinto, canned, SF1/2 Cup1000.64640
Beans, light kidney, dned1/2 Cup1000.660
Potatoes, hash brown, SF1/2 Cup1000.5757
Beans, small lima, dried1/2 Cup1000.5656
Beans, speckled lima, frown1/2 Cup1000.5555
Peas, field, canned1/2 Cup1000.4148
Beans, lima, froren, SF1/2 Cup1000.4848
Beans, butter, canned1/2 Cup1000.4848
Potatoes, white, canned1/2 Cup1000.4747
Potato, sweet, baked1/4 Cup500.9246
Onions, yellow, raw1/2 Cup1000.44440
Beans, baby lima, frown1/2 Cup1000.42420
Onions, purple, raw1/2 Cup1000.4141
Peas, green, fresh1/2 Cup1000.40400
Beets, orange. SF1 Cup2000 20400
Peas, blackeyed, dried1/2 Cup1000.39390
Peas, purple hull, fresh1/2 Cup1000.38380
Peas, green, fresh1/2 Cup1000.6360
Beans, large lima, canned1/2 Cup1000.3535
Beans, large lima, dried1/2 Cup1000.36330
Peas, green split, dried1/4 Cup500.65325
Potatoes, instant1/2 Cup1000.3300
Onions, green, fresh51000.2727
Hominey. white, canned1/2 Cup600.43258
Carrots, fresh1 Cup2000.1224
Beets, fresh1 Cup2000.1224
Rutabaga, fresh1/2 Cup1000.2424
Potatoes, au gratin. SF1/2 Cup1000.2424
Onions, white, fresh, cooked1/2 Cup1000.24240
Onions, white, fresh, raw1/2 Cup1000.2323
Beans, large lima, canned. SF1/2 Cup1000.2323
Beans, pinto, canned1/2 Cup1000.23230
Lentils, dried1/4 Cup500.4522.5
Squash, acorn, fresh1/2 Cup1000.2222
Potato, sweet, baked, fresh1/4 Cup500.4221
Potatoes, instant. SF1/2 Cup1000.2121
Carrots. SF1 Cup2000.10200
Carrots, frozen1 Cup2000.10200
Corn- yellow, whole kernel canned1/2 Cup800.2419.2
Potatoes, mashed, fresh. SF1/2 Cup1000.19190
Beans, lima, frozen1/2 Cup1000.17173
Corn, cream style, canned1/2 Cup800.2016
Beets, small whole, canned1 Cup2000.08160
Orion, yellow, cooked1 Medium1000.16160
Mixed vegetable, frown. SF1/2 Cup1000.1313
Corn, yellow, canned. SF1/2 Cup600.2112.6
Corn. yellow cream, frozen1/2 Cup800.1310.4
Hominey. yellow. canned1/2 Cup600.1710.2
Corn, yellow, whole kernel, froren1/2 Cup800.1188
Beets, fresh. SF1/2 Cup1000.1224
Corn, white cream, canned1/2 Cup800.075.6
Mixed vegetable, canned. SF1/2 Cup1000.055
Beets, canned. SF1/2 Cup1000.022
Carrot juice. SF1/2 Cup1200.011.2
FoodServing SizeServing Weight (g)Inositol mg/gInositol mg/serving
Meat exchange
Liver1 oz300.6419.2
Corned beef1 oz300.3911.7
Round, ground, broiled1 oz300.3711.1
Meat loaf, SF1 oz300.39
Steak, sirloin, SF1 oz300.39
Steak, round1 oz300.154.5
Roast, choiceI oz300.154.5
Roast, SF1 oz300.092.7
Hamburger, broiled1 oz300.082.4
Tips, braised1 oz300.072.1
Steak, hamburger, SF1 oz300.051.5
Cheddar1 oz300.092.7
American1 oz300.072.1
Cream1 oz300.072.1
Parmesan1 oz300.061.8
Swiss1 oz300.051.5
Mozzerella1 oz300.051.5
Cottage, creamed1/4 can500.021
Muenster1 oz300.030.9
Low sodiumI oz300.020.6
Cottage, low fat1/4 can500.010.5
Cold cuts
Liver cheese1 oz303.46103.8
Bologna1 oz300.9428.2
Vienna sausage1 oz300.8124.3
Souse1 oz300.5416.2
Salami1 oz300.4212.6
Luncheon loaf, spiced1 oz300.3911.7
Luncheon meat, fresh1 oz300.339.9
Pastrami1 oz300.288.4
Liver loaf1 oz300.226.6
Comed beef, sliced1 oz300.195.7
Luncheon meat, canned1 oz300.185.4
Weiners1 oz300.164.8
Ham, spiced1 oz300.061.8
Ham, deviled, canned1 oz300.041.2
Oysters4 Medium450.2511.3
Tuna, WP, SF1/4 can600.159
Tuna salad, SF1/4 can600.127.2
Tuna, high protein in oil1/4 can600.116.6
Sardine, herring in oil1oz300.26
Tuna, chunk light, WP1/4 can600.095.4
Sardines1 oz300.123.6
Trout, broiled1 oz300.113.3
Shrimp, broiled5 Small450.073.2
Crab1/4 can300.051.5
Clam1 oz300.030.9
White fish, broiled1 oz300.020.6
Chop1 oz300.3711.1
Peanut butter
Creamy2 T403.04121.6
Chunky2 T401.2851.2
Chop, barbecue1 oz300.4212.6
Roast1 oz300.39
Roast. SF1 oz300.195.7
Liver1 oz300.175.1
Chop, broiled1 oz300.144.2
Chop, baked. SF1 oz300.061.8
Liver, chicken1 oz301.3139.3
Chicken leg. baked, SF1 oz300.3911.7
Chicken breast, SF1 oz300.39
Turkey, baked1 oz300.236.9
Chicken, baked1 oz300.082.4
Turkey breast. SF1 oz300.082.4
Fat exchange
Peanuts, cooked12151.3420.1
Peanuts, raw12151.3320
Coconut, grated1 T140.334.6
Sunflower seeds1.5 T200.122.4
Sour cream2 T280.7621.3
Salad dressing. Thousand Island1 T140.57
Salad dressing, blue cheese.1 T140.45.6
Bacon1 Slice100.232.3
Salad dressing, French, low caloriel T140.08l.l
Salad dressing. Thousand Island, low calorie1 T140.08LI
Salad dressing, blue cheese1 T140.081.1
Salad dressing, French, SF1 T140.071
Salad dressing, zero, low calorie1 T140.050.7
Salad dressing, blue cheese. Low calorie1 T140.040.6
Salad dressing, oil and vinegar1 T140.040.6
Mayonnaise, low calorie1 T140.050.6
Mayonnaise1 t50.040.2
Mayonnaise, SS, SF1 T140.010.1
Fruit punch, canned1/2 can1200.1720.4
Coffee, instant powder1 g16.466.5
Cocoa mix, instant1 T150.314.7
Fruit punch, SF1/2 can1200.033.6
Lemonade1/2 can1200.022.4
Orange soda. Shasta. SS12000.012
Pepsi, diet12000.012
Grapefruit soda, SS12000.012
Coffee, regular grind1 t50.050.3
Ginger ale, SS1200<0.010.2
Canada Dry soda1300<0.010.2
Tea, regular leaves1 t50.030.2
Kool-aid, powder1 t5<0.01Trace
Ginger ale, SS1200TraceTrace
Cola drinks120000
Seven-Up, SS120000
Wild raspberry soda, SSI20000
Orange soda. Weight Watchers, SS120000
Strawberry shortcake, SF1 Slice450.6931.1
Lemon, SF1 Slice450.198.6
Chocolate, SF1 Slice450.188.1
Sugar cookies, SF1200.346.8
Yellow cake, regular with sugar icing1 Slice450.052.3
Angel food1 Slice500.021
Dairy products
Vanilla ice cream1/2 cup1200.0910.8
Sherbet1/4 cup600.074.2
Cubes, SF1/2 cup1000.077
Cubes, regular1/2 cup1000.077
Pecan, SF1 Slice1600.64102.4
Lemon ice box, SF1 Slice1600.63100.8
Chocolate cream, SF1 Slice1650.5285.8
Cherry cobbler, SF1 Slice1600.348
Apple, SF1 Slice1600.2235.2
Sweet potato, SFl Slice1600.232
Cranberry, low sodium1/2 Cup1200.011.2
Lemon, low sodium1/2 Cup120<0.010.2
Honey1 T140.334.6
Pancake, SS1 T140.142
Table, SS1 T140.091.3
Pancake, regular1 T140.010.1
Table, regular1 T14<0.010.1
“Figurines’* diet bar1202.1242.4
Carob bar1 oz301.4142.3
Cucumber pickles, SF1 Slice300.39
Catsup1 T140.385.3
Boullion cube, SF150.412.1
Olives, ripe2 Large200.12
Olives, Spanish manzanilla5 Small300.061.8
Hot sauce1 t50.251.3
Olives, Spanish5 Small250.020.5
Coffee Rich creamer1 T140.010.1

Of course if calculating this is all too much and you don’t want to do the maths, then we can supply you with pure myo-inositol in powedered form.

Just mix 4g, a flattish teaspoon, a day into water & drink when having breakfast.


Rex S. Clements, Jr.,3 M.D. and Betty Darnell, M.S., RD. Myo-inositol content of common foods: development of a high-myo-inositol diet. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 33: SEPTEMBER 1980. pp. 1954-1967

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